BETTER Half Floor Coating Kit 250 sq. ft. 13.7 mil



The Better Half Floor Coating kit is ideal for medium foot-traffic applications. It’s perfect for 1-car standard garages, bedrooms, and even household appliances! The Better Half Floor Coating Kit includes a high-performance Cycloaliphatic 100% solids epoxy that’s made for high-wear chemical and compressive resistance. 

Our Better Half Flooring Kit is strong enough to be used in commercial applications and is also an excellent choice in the home. The Better Kit saves time because it’s a self-priming one-coat application. It has superior bonding strength while preventing stains, protecting from moisture, and extending the life of your concrete floors. 

Garage Epoxy Coating Solution

The Better Half Floor Coating Kit resists hot tire pick up and staining as a result of gasoline or chemical spill in the garage. Use it anywhere you have a concrete surface to repel stains and make cleaning easier. The kit will both patch and coat in a self-leveling one-coat application 5x thicker than a normal epoxy coating. 

Epoxy Coating to Enhance Your Home 

The Better Half Floor Coating Kit provides a high-end, showroom-style look. Our color choices and blended color flakes are a favorite of designers. The Better Half Floor Coating Kit is a DIY project that increases the value of your home not only by adding durability to your flooring, but also by increasing aesthetic appeal. People will think you spent thousands of dollars to achieve the look your Epoxy Floor Coating provides, while you actually spent far less. 

Concrete floors are popular in modern home design. The Better Half Floor Coating Kit offers the ultimate finishing touch to both protect the floors and enhance their beauty. The added bonus of our Epoxy Coating products is easier cleaning and anti-skid protection for increased safety. 

Industry Leading Companies and Organizations Rely on Our Epoxy Floor Products

Our products are strong enough for facilities like NASA, the United States Armed Forces, Ford Motor, Toyota, Disney, Universal Studios, Caterpillar, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing. With customers like these, it’s clear that the Better Half Floor Coating Kit can withstand the wear and tear in your home.  

Features of The Better Half Floor Coating Kit: 

  • Made in the USA
  • 10 times more durable than kits sold in national chains
  • Slip-resistant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Resists chemicals, salt, oil, and hot tires
  • Superior Clear Coat Protection 

The Better Half Floor Coating Kit Includes:

  • 2 gallons Epoxy-Coat® Part A
  • 1 gallon of Epoxy-Coat® Part B
  • 1.5 gallons Performance Poly 200
  • .25lbs of Aluminum Oxide Non-Skid
  • 9oz Prep Solution
  • 4lbs Performance Chips

Included Application Tools in the Better Half Floor Coating Kit (Medium Tool Kit):

  • (2) 3" Brush
  • (2) 9" Roller Cover (3/8" Nap)
  • (2) Squeegee
  • (1) 16" Mechanical Mixer
  • (2) Pair of Vinyl Gloves
  • (2) Mixing Sticks
  • (1) Pair Spike Shoes


Application instructions are included with your kit. Written and video instructional tools are also available online. 


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