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Major companies like Ford, Honda, Disney and organizations like the United States Armed Forces rely on our epoxy coat products for their flooring applications. With a client list like this, it’s easy to see why Performance Epoxy-Coat Kits are a good choice for your commercial applications. 

Commercial Applications for Epoxy Floor Coating 

Our products are an ideal choice in any environment with a lot of wear and tear that needs to adhere to a clean aesthetic. For example, consider a busy restaurant kitchen with extensive foot traffic and occasional spills. An epoxy-coated floor in this instance is perfect because it stands up to the wear and tear while repelling stains. Also, it’s easy to clean at the end of a restaurant shift. The result is a kitchen floor that looks clean and is able to endure years of heavy wear. 

Another excellent example of commercial applications for our epoxy coating are storage facilities. An epoxy floor stands up to wear and tear while repelling hot tire marks from vehicles moving in and out of the facility. 

Since many of our largest customers are automobile manufacturers, it’s clear that epoxy coating works in factory environments. Manufacturing floors withstand an extensive amount of wear and pressure from equipment. However, it’s important that these facilities maintain a clean look. Epoxy floor coating meets all of these needs and supports an environment that workers prefer. Employee productivity is enhanced in clean facilities, and epoxy-coated floors help support this effort. 

Epoxy Coated Floors are Cost-Effective for Commercial Applications

Commercial facilities save money when choosing an epoxy-coated floor because the labor and material costs are relatively low. A further cost benefit is realized due to the longevity of an epoxy-coated floor. No business wants to lose productivity from having flooring replaced, and epoxy coating minimizes this risk greatly. 

Cleaning costs for commercial facilities are not an insignificant expense. Crews can clean epoxy floors quickly and easily. The cost savings is realized whether a commercial facility outsources or uses internal resources for cleaning. 

Branding and Epoxy Coating Color Options 

Branding is essential for commercial facilities, and that includes color choices. Epoxy floor coating offers the unique option of coordinating a branding color scheme in the flooring. Epoxy color paint can make a powerful statement when incorporated into the overall design of a facility. 

Why Choose Our Products for Your Commercial Flooring Needs?

Our epoxy coating is used by companies and organizations that are global leaders in their industries. They know firsthand how durable and effective our epoxy coating is for commercial flooring applications. Performance Epoxy-Coat is a proven industry leader with years of experience producing the best epoxy coating products on the market. 

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