Concrete Epoxy Floor Coating

by Performance Epoxy

Concrete epoxy floor coatings refer to the many different types of products or systems that might be used to cover the surface of bare concrete to improve the aesthetic look of the concrete. In some states, there may even be codes and regulations that require some form of floor coating on concrete floors. However, before you decide which type of floor coating would be best for your floor it is essential that you understand what the differences are between the different coatings. The first type of concrete floor coating paint is a basic concrete sealer. This type of coating requires the least amount of extra work to properly prep the floor and apply the sealer. The reason that many places use a sealer is that it helps protect the concrete from chemical spills, food stains, and foot or vehicle traffic and also makes the cleaning process much easier too. The downside of the sealer is that it does not enhance the visual look of the concrete floor unless you used sealer that has a color tint to it.

The second type of concrete floor coating that is available is a stain and sealers which are used to enhance the bare concrete floors with a natural and long-lasting appearance. The stains that are used will typically penetrate the concrete which enables the sealer to create a durable finish that should not peel or flake off. The downside of this method is that it takes longer to properly prepare the area however once the preparation is complete the application is a simple process. Another form of Concrete floor coating, and typically the most difficult and expensive, is an overlay. There are many different forms of overlay and each form may have its own benefits. The first type is the self-leveling overlay which is typically used to fix damaged or uneven surfaces to make the surface look more professional. Another form of an overlay is a spray-on which can help create a slip-resistant surface and are generally easy to clean. The last type of Concrete floor coating available is concrete paint or epoxy floor paint. This system may cost more money however the effects typically last longer than other forms of coatings.

When using this system you are left open to create your own style or design and you can use as many different colors as you want to make your flooring as aesthetically pleasing as you want to. If you are interested in personalizing your concrete surface with a multitude of different colors and are not sure where you would be able to purchase these colors you should look to Epoxy Coat. With five times the thickness of normal paint Epoxy Coat has a lifetime guarantee on any concrete floor coating paint that you decide to use as they understand that continually having to recoat your concrete surfaces can be a hassle. This company strives to produce a wide array of different colors so that no matter what type of business or garage you are painting, you will be able to choose the perfect colors to complete the job.


Concrete Floor CoatingMoving into a new house, or maybe renovating your current house? Concrete floor paint is a great way of adding some life into the house. Concrete paint can be used for a number of surfaces, such as porches, garages, carports, and basements. concrete floor coating paint is a great way to add some flair to your home décor as well as providing added durability to your concrete floors that are unfinished or old. Floors are the part of your house that you don’t usually pay too much attention too unless there is something wrong with it and yet they are an important part of your house. The epoxy coating can be an option to consider for your floors, giving them that added durability and aesthetic appeal. This makes epoxy coatings something that you should definitely invest in. If you think epoxy coating is what you need, Epoxy Coat has exactly what you are looking for.



Concrete floor coating adds a layer of durability and increased resistance to wear and tear to your concrete floors. This is perfect for old or unfinished concrete floors and saves both time and money.


Once the epoxy concrete paint is converted into a solid polymer, it increases the strength of the floor and prevents it from chemical breakdown.


Epoxy coatings are quick to install which means that you will not need to halt your operations during installation.


These concrete floor paints come in different colors which give your floors a more aesthetic appeal and is a sigh of relief from the same old grey color that we are all so used too.


Epoxy floor coatings are environmentally friendly since they help in material usage. It is a greener option than redoing the entire floor from scratch.


Epoxy coatings have anti-skid additives that prevent slippage. Along with that, they are resistant to temperature and impact. These coatings are also resistant to fire.


Epoxy coatings traditionally have a glossy finish which will improve the lighting of your space from the certain degree of reflection from the glossy finish.


We offer premium epoxy coatings and installation services. We want to make your house the envy of all your neighbors. Now design your floors the way you like it and step away from the generic floors you see every day. Our Epoxy paints are easy to install and you can do it yourself too. We manufacture our own epoxy coatings of the best possible quality and also offer quick installation so that it does not cause any inconvenience to you at home.

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