Concrete Floor Coatings

by Performance Epoxy

Concrete is a durable floor surface for many applications. However, it’s not always the most aesthetically pleasing. Concrete epoxy floor coatings are a variety of products that cover the bare surface of concrete and improve its aesthetic appeal. Some states require floor coating on concrete floors in their regulations.

Before you decide which type of floor coating is best for your concrete floor, it’s essential to understand the differences between floor coating options. Basic concrete sealer is the first type of concrete floor coating. A basic concrete sealer is an easy solution that requires the least amount of prep work for applications. 

Concrete sealers are often used to protect floors from chemical spills, food stains, and foot or vehicle traffic. Concrete sealers also make the cleaning process easier. While concrete sealers serve these basic purposes, they don’t enhance the visual look of the flooring.  

The next type of concrete floor coatings are stains and sealers. Stains and sealers enhance the appearance of bare concrete floors. The stains typically penetrate the concrete and enable the sealer to create a durable finish, resulting in less peeling or flaking off on the surface. The downside of this method is the time it takes to prepare the flooring area, although the application is a simple process. 

Another form of concrete floor coating is an overlay. However, this is usually the most difficult and expensive method for concrete floor coverings. Various forms of overlay have different benefits. Self-leveling overlay, typically used to fix damaged or uneven surfaces, makes the surface look more professional. Another form of overlay is a spray-on that helps create a slip-resistant surface. Spray-on coatings are generally easy to clean. 

Then there is the method of epoxy floor paint to consider for coating concrete. The upfront costs of epoxy floor paint may be more than other methods, but they can save money in the long run. Epoxy floor paint coatings last longer than other methods. 

Epoxy floor coatings let you create your own style or design. You can customize your concrete flooring with different colors. Epoxy floor coverings provide the option of adding blended color flakes for a high-end look. As a result, epoxy floor coverings have show-room appeal. 

With five times the thickness of normal paint, Epoxy-Coat offers a lifetime guarantee that makes the investment worthwhile. And epoxy coating saves time, because you don’t have to recoat your flooring repeatedly. Visit our website to customize your concrete floor and improve its look with Epoxy-Coat now! 


It’s exciting to move into a new house! Epoxy floor coatings are an excellent way to increase the return on your investment right away. Concrete epoxy paint can be used on a number of surfaces, such as porches, garages, carports, and basements. While it improves the look of these areas, epoxy floor paint also increases the durability of concrete floors. It’s also an ideal solution to improve your existing home. 

Floors are part of your house that you may not pay too much attention to, unless they need repair. However, homeowners are amazed with the improved look when they apply epoxy coating to floors - not to mention the added bonus of increased durability. When you want to improve the concrete flooring of a new or existing home, check out our Epoxy Floor Coating options! 

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Floor Coverings are Durable

Epoxy concrete floor coatings add a layer of durability and increased resistance to wear and tear to your concrete floors. They’re ideal for old or unfinished concrete floors and save both time and money. And they’re the perfect solution to protect garage floors from hot tire marks and stains. 

Epoxy Floor Covering are Strong

Epoxy floor coverings act as a sealant for concrete floors. Applying epoxy floor paint to concrete increases its strength and prevents chemical breakdown. With an epoxy floor covering, you can rest assured that concrete flooring surfaces can withstand wear and tear and still look great. 

Epoxy Floor Coverings Save Time

Epoxy coatings install quickly, and if you use our self-priming, one-coat products, you save even more time. Check out our product options to learn more! 

Epoxy Coatings are Aesthetically Pleasing

Our epoxy concrete floor paints come in different colors and color blends to give your floors a unique look that will be the envy of your neighbors. 

Epoxy Floor Coatings are Environmentally Friendly

Epoxy floor coatings are environmentally friendly since they extend material usage. They are a greener option than redoing the entire floor from scratch.

Epoxy Floor Coatings Increase Safety 

Epoxy coatings contain anti-skid additives that prevent slippage. Additionally, they are resistant to temperature, impact, and fire.

Epoxy Floor Covering Options Add Brightness 

Epoxy coatings traditionally have a glossy finish which improves the brightness of a  space by reflecting light. 

Why Choose Epoxy-Coat Products?

We offer premium epoxy coatings and kits designed for easy application. Our goal is to provide the best epoxy products in the market at competitive price points. Have some fun and design your flooring with an epoxy coating from our unique options. For more information on our products, visit our website now! 


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