Epoxy Basement Floor Coatings

by Performance Epoxy


Whether you need to cover a small or large space in your house, our epoxy basement floor coating will get the job done. Our products are extremely durable and made of the highest quality materials. After your floors are done, you won’t be regretting your decision to buy from us. All of our choices are USDA approved and are antimicrobial. We can build out your dream basement with all of the choices we have to offer.

We offer four standard basecoat color options. They include beige with the beige blend, taupe with the beige blend, gray with the blue blend, and gray with gray blend. They all look spectacular, but depending on the space you already have, one will definitely suit it better than others. We will help you discover which choice will make your space stand out the best. Our epoxy basement floor coating options are all easy to apply, and you can do everything on your own. You can tell all your friends and family that you built the basement you’ve always wanted with your hands. We give you every tool and resource you need to successfully do it yourself. You will never have to replace your floors ever again when you use our products. The final product will definitely blow you away; you won’t regret your purchase.

Our products work for any floor surfaces, whether that be your garage or basement. The process is all the same for these floors, and it is easy to apply. It works incredibly well for any surface; it doesn’t matter if you need it for your garage or basement. It will give you the results and finish you’re looking for. We have the most reliable choices and DIY kits on the market. You can depend on us.

Our Epoxy Basement Floor Coating kits and related products are simply the very best. We can easily help you build the basement you’ve always wanted and help maximize the potential of your house. When you combine our quality with the unbelievable value to go along with it, you won’t be able to turn us down.