Epoxy Coat Concrete

by Performance Epoxy

If you’re wondering how to epoxy coat a concrete floor, we will tell you everything you need to know to do it effectively. When we’re done, we promise you will have this important task down to a science. There are many steps to take when starting the process. The first is to remove all surface contaminants by sweeping the floor, then scrub your floor using a diluted degreaser and hot water. Once you scrub this area vigorously, you should put one quart of floor prep solution mixed with hot water. This provides the necessary premix to cover the 500 square feet needed. The most important part of the process is removing contaminants and creating a profile before coating, or your new coating will not adhere correctly.

The next step is mixing part A with part B and getting the right measurements. We recommend to measure by volume and don’t mix more epoxy coat than you can apply in 15 minutes. Mixing it thoroughly is crucial to the coating working successfully. Using our brushes, squeegee, and backroll, you can create the perfect amount of coating for your floors. Then you can throw the flakes into the air evenly, and only flake a section after the 2nd backroll is complete. Be sure to throw the flakes at least 5 feet or higher, to ensure it spreads evenly and effectively. Throw small amounts, you can even throw it off the ceiling if you would like.

Bubbles can be present because of the outgassing from the concrete. If this occurs, we recommend taking a leaf blower to blow the top of the surface to relieve the tension and pop the bubbles. Our products are thicker than others, which requires them to dry for at least 18 hours from foot traffic, and 24 hours from heavy traffic like cars or other vehicles. This process can be easier than you would think. Paying a professional isn’t necessary anymore, we will teach you how to epoxy coat a concrete floor in no time.

If you thought you could never see yourself doing this, now you can tell everyone you know how to epoxy coat a concrete floor like a professional. With our quality solutions and guidance, you can create the floor of your dreams.