Top Coat vs. No Top Coat

by Performance Epoxy

Many people are always evaluating choices when it comes to deciding between applying a top coat, or to let it be. We highly recommend applying a clear top coat to your epoxy floor. When we think “why apply a top coat to epoxy floors?” There are several reasons why we should. There are several useful benefits and it is very affordable. So really the question you should be asking yourself or your contractor, is why wouldn’t we use a top coat? We will discuss the important benefits so you can expand your knowledge on epoxy floors.

Most people realize that the toughest part of using epoxy is prepping the floors for it. Once you’re past that, the rest is effortless. So why wouldn’t you be willing to do one extra task to give it stronger durability and a better-looking floor? That’s why we highly recommend applying a top coat to your floors. Simply doing that will provide more durability and wear, which will reduce hot tire lift and other impacts. The clear coat adds an extra layer of protection, which protects the original color coat you put down. It will help be more resistant to chemical and oil spills that typically happen with a car.

When you’re thinking, “why apply a top coat to epoxy” just remember that this will make it easier to clean. This will save time and money for you in the long run. It also creates a glossier finish that will create more light and really make your space stand out. The bottom line is that it provides so many benefits, just by simply adding a top coat. Whether you need it to hide scratches or damage your kids made to the garage floor, it will do it all!

Stop asking yourself why apply a top coat to epoxy, the answer is simple. You get a better-looking floor that will perform better and last longer over the years. Learn everything you need to know to perfect your epoxy floors here at Epoxy-Coat.