Epoxy Installation Tips

by Performance Epoxy

Whether you prefer to install it yourself or want us to do it for you, we give you all the tips to succeed.

Some of the most important aspects are removing any surface contaminants from the area you want to treat and creating a good rough surface that will allow the epoxy to easily adhere and stay put. Epoxy is the most effective and retains its thickness the best when the surface is as clean as possible. So sweep your floors as much as possible before starting our process. Old concrete floors typically have contaminants that must be removed before coating; you can fix that using a diluted degreaser with hot water. You can scrub them and have them properly prepared for the coating. Also, spray some water on the floors and allow them to dry, and then you can begin coating.

To start, mix part A and B together like it says in the booklet. Immediately after they’re mixed, begin applying the coating. After that, you should use the squeegee to help spread it out. Then the kit roller will help even it out to perfection, do it in that exact order for best results. After a few other easy tasks, you will be ready to throw the kit flakes into the coating. Only throw a small amount at a time and, at least, five feet high. You can use aluminum oxide to make it more slip-resistant, but it could make it harder to clean. You want to let it dry for at least to 18-24 hours, but can be affected by temperatures. Full chemical resistants can take up to three days, just be cautious with it. All of these Epoxy installation tips should give you all the information you need to do it successfully.

Our epoxy is chemically resistant, odor-free, and the entire process is easy to follow. We give you all the tools and tips you need to do it yourself without experiencing issues. If you happen to buy a kit, they all come with an instructional booklet to make the process even easier.