How to Apply Epoxy on Linoleum

by Performance Epoxy

When it comes to putting epoxy on linoleum floors, there are numerous steps to take to maximize quality and efficiency. Many evaluate alternatives when it comes to using epoxy, and whether or not they have to tear up their current floors. If you’re planning on using epoxy on linoleum, you shouldn’t have to do that. As long as the floor is still safely attached to the concrete, you can put the coating over the top of it easily. There are many different tools you can to do prep your floor for adhesion. Here are some ideas that we recommend.

You must always clean the floor before using epoxy. But we think it’s a good idea to examine your floor and make sure it’s in good condition. That way if there are any scratches or damage, you can fix it before starting the entire process. The 2nd step should be to scrub your floors carefully with a high-quality scrub brush and a heavy duty cleaner. This will get rid of any remaining grease or grime that is potentially leftover. After this the surface still could appear glossy, if that’s the case, you should use a wax stripper to remove the final layer of protective wax. The next step would be to sand the floors aggressively, as this will create the ideal, rough profile that all epoxy needs. This will remove any traces of wax or anything affecting the surface for the paint. You should also inspect your flooring to ensure it is bonded well. After that, you can pick out your own unique color, and apply the primer. We recommend applying as many coats as it needs to create a smooth surface for painting linoleum. After that, you can paint the floors using a roller and apply our epoxy coating.

Most people don’t realize how easy it is to do epoxy on linoleum. Paying a professional shouldn’t be necessary, depending on the shape your floors are in. We have laid out a simple, step by step process that anyone can follow effectively. Having the right tools and resources at your disposal is crucial. We are here to help provide all the knowledge and skills you need to use epoxy effectively!