BETTER Half Floor Coating Kit 250 sq. ft. 13.7 mil



The Better Half Floor Coating kit is ideal for medium foot-traffic applications. It’s perfect for 1-car standard garages, bedrooms, and even household appliances! The Better Half Floor Coating Kit includes a high-performance Cycloaliphatic 100% solids epoxy that’s made for high-wear chemical and compressive resistance. 

Our Better Half Flooring Kit is strong enough to be used in commercial applications and is also an excellent choice in the home. The Better Kit saves time because it’s a self-priming one-coat application. It has superior bonding strength while preventing stains, protecting from moisture, and extending the life of your concrete floors. 

Garage Epoxy Coating Solution

The Better Half Floor Coating Kit resists hot tire pick up and staining as a result of gasoline or chemical spill in the garage. Use it anywhere you have a concrete surface to repel stains and make cleaning easier. The kit will both patch and coat in a self-leveling one-coat application 5x thicker than a normal epoxy coating. 

Epoxy Coating to Enhance Your Home 

The Better Half Floor Coating Kit provides a high-end, showroom-style look. Our color choices and blended color flakes are a favorite of designers. The Better Half Floor Coating Kit is a DIY project that increases the value of your home not only by adding durability to your flooring, but also by increasing aesthetic appeal. People will think you spent thousands of dollars to achieve the look your Epoxy Floor Coating provides, while you actually spent far less. 

Concrete floors are popular in modern home design. The Better Half Floor Coating Kit offers the ultimate finishing touch to both protect the floors and enhance their beauty. The added bonus of our Epoxy Coating products is easier cleaning and anti-skid protection for increased safety. 

Industry Leading Companies and Organizations Rely on Our Epoxy Floor Products

Our products are strong enough for facilities like NASA, the United States Armed Forces, Ford Motor, Toyota, Disney, Universal Studios, Caterpillar, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing. With customers like these, it’s clear that the Better Half Floor Coating Kit can withstand the wear and tear in your home.  

Features of The Better Half Floor Coating Kit: 

  • Made in the USA
  • 10 times more durable than kits sold in national chains
  • Slip-resistant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Resists chemicals, salt, oil, and hot tires
  • Superior Clear Coat Protection 

The Better Half Floor Coating Kit Includes:

  • 2 gallons Epoxy-Coat® Part A
  • 1 gallon of Epoxy-Coat® Part B
  • 1.5 gallons Performance Poly 200
  • .25lbs of Aluminum Oxide Non-Skid
  • 9oz Prep Solution
  • 4lbs Performance Chips

Included Application Tools in the Better Half Floor Coating Kit (Medium Tool Kit):

  • (2) 3" Brush
  • (2) 9" Roller Cover (3/8" Nap)
  • (2) Squeegee
  • (1) 16" Mechanical Mixer
  • (2) Pair of Vinyl Gloves
  • (2) Mixing Sticks
  • (1) Pair Spike Shoes


Application instructions are included with your kit. Written and video instructional tools are also available online. 

GOOD Half Floor Coating Kit 250 sq. ft. 9.7 mil



The Good kit is best for standard 1-car garages with light foot traffic and smaller vehicles. It saves time as a single coat and self-priming epoxy. The Good Half Floor Coating Kit includes a high-performance Cycloaliphatic 100% solids epoxy that’s made for high wear chemical and compressive resistance. 

On a properly prepared floor, the Good Kit epoxy bonds to concrete better than concrete bonds to itself. It’s perfect to keep your garage floor clean; it resists hot tire pick-up and staining from gasoline or other spills. 

Save time patching and coating with this self-leveling one-coat application kit. Our Good Half Floor Coating Kit is 5 times thicker than regular epoxy. For increased scratch and UV resistance we recommend adding polyurethane for an even thicker floor coating. 

Features of The Good Half Floor Coating Kit 

  • Made in the USA
  • 10 times more durable than kits sold in national chains
  • Slip-resistant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Resists chemicals, salt, oil, and hot tires

Included with The Good Half Floor Coating Kit 

  • 1-gallon Epoxy-Coat® Part A
  • (2) 28oz bottles of Epoxy-Coat® Part B
  • .25lbs of Aluminum Oxide Non-Skid
  • 9oz Prep Solution
  • 1lb Performance Chips

Included Kit Application Tools 

  • (1) 3" Brush
  • (1) 9" Roller Cover (3/8" Nap)
  • (1) Squeegee
  • (1) 16" Mechanical Mixer
  • (1) Pair of Vinyl Gloves
  • (1) 16" Mechanical Mixer
  • (1) Pair of Vinyl Gloves
  • (1) Mixing Sticks

Epoxy Product FAQs

Why epoxy a garage floor?

Epoxy is one of the toughest, most durable garage floor coatings available. It seals and protects your garage floor from tire marks and stains from gasoline and other chemicals. Epoxy does an excellent job of covering cracks and imperfections. 

An epoxy-coated garage floor gives your garage a showroom look. Epoxy coatings allow you to create a custom look with a variety of colors and blends of color flakes, or choose one of our metallic epoxy options for a truly unique look.

Why is epoxy better than paint for garage floors?

Epoxy is better than paint for garage floors because it’s more durable, prevents stains, scratches, and doesn’t chip like paint. It bonds to surfaces better than paint.

How much does it cost to epoxy a garage floor?

As a DIY project, you can epoxy a 500 SQ. FT. garage floor with our kit for under $400. 

How to apply epoxy to a garage floor

The ideal temperature for applying Epoxy-Coat is 40F-85F (4C-30C) and humidity should be below 85%.

We recommend testing for moisture. Our Vapor Gauge test kit makes this a simple task. It’s also suggested to test previous sealants. To determine if the concrete has been previously sealed, pour a small amount of water onto the surface in various areas. If the water beads, a sealer is present and needs to be either chemically or mechanically removed with a diamond grinder.


Sweep the floor thoroughly. Use a diluted degreaser to remove any contaminants and oil. Add acid granules floor prep solution and 5 quarts of water into a pump sprayer and apply to the floor evenly. Scrub the floor surface with a stiff-bristled broom. 

After preparing the floor but prior to application, existing joints and saw cuts can be filled with Epoxy-Coat patch kit. Cracks under 1/8” should be patched with Epoxy-Coat acrylic latex caulk. 


Follow the mixing instructions for the epoxy coating included with the product kit or online.

Wearing vinyl gloves while applying epoxy floor coating is suggested. Also, consider our optional spike shoes to make the application process easier. 

Applying our Epoxy-Coat Primer first is optional, but does help prevent common flooring issues while adding to the coating’s durability.  

Use the kit squeegee to draw the epoxy from the back wall until there is no longer wet epoxy. Continue to squeegee, pulling the product down the line until complete.

Next, use the kit roller to apply the epoxy perpendicular to the squeegee applications. 

Complete a second section with the squeegee and roll process, then return to the first section and back-roll it again.

If flakes were purchased, take a small amount and apply by throwing the flakes into the air at 5’ or higher. Apply flakes evenly throughout the flooring. 

Finally, apply Performance Poly200 Clear Top Coat if included with your kit choice. 

Detailed instructions are available online and included with our kits. You can also check out this instructional video for more information. 

GOOD Full Floor Coating Kit 500 sq. ft. 9.7 mil


The Good Full kit is best for standard 2-car garages with light foot traffic and smaller vehicles like SUVs and trucks. It saves time as a single coat and self-priming epoxy. The Good Half Floor Coating Kit includes a high-performance Cycloaliphatic 100% solids epoxy that’s made for high wear chemical and compressive resistance. 

On a properly prepared floor, the Good Kit epoxy bonds to concrete better than concrete bonds to itself. It’s perfect to keep your garage floor looking clean since it resists hot tire pick-up and staining from gasoline or other spills. 

Save time patching and coating with this self-leveling one-coat application kit. Our Good Half Floor Coating Kit is 5 times thicker than regular epoxy. For increased scratch and UV resistance, we recommend adding polyurethane for an even thicker floor coating. 

Features of The Good Half Floor Coating Kit 

  • Made in the USA
  • 10 times more durable than kits sold in national chains
  • Slip-resistant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Resists chemicals, salt, oil, and hot tires


Included with The Good Half Floor Coating Kit 

  • 1-gallon Epoxy-Coat® Part A
  • (2) 28oz bottles of Epoxy-Coat® Part B
  • .25lbs of Aluminum Oxide Non-Skid
  • 9oz Prep Solution
  • 1lb Performance Chips


Included Kit Application Tools 

  • (1) 3" Brush
  • (1) 9" Roller Cover (3/8" Nap)
  • (1) Squeegee
  • (1) 16" Mechanical Mixer
  • (1) Pair of Vinyl Gloves
  • (1) 16" Mechanical Mixer
  • (1) Pair of Vinyl Gloves
  • (1) Mixing Sticks

Concrete Floor Coatings


Concrete is a durable floor surface for many applications. However, it’s not always the most aesthetically pleasing. Concrete epoxy floor coatings are a variety of products that cover the bare surface of concrete and improve its aesthetic appeal. Some states require floor coating on concrete floors in their regulations.

Before you decide which type of floor coating is best for your concrete floor, it’s essential to understand the differences between floor coating options. Basic concrete sealer is the first type of concrete floor coating. A basic concrete sealer is an easy solution that requires the least amount of prep work for applications. 

Concrete sealers are often used to protect floors from chemical spills, food stains, and foot or vehicle traffic. Concrete sealers also make the cleaning process easier. While concrete sealers serve these basic purposes, they don’t enhance the visual look of the flooring.  

The next type of concrete floor coatings are stains and sealers. Stains and sealers enhance the appearance of bare concrete floors. The stains typically penetrate the concrete and enable the sealer to create a durable finish, resulting in less peeling or flaking off on the surface. The downside of this method is the time it takes to prepare the flooring area, although the application is a simple process. 

Another form of concrete floor coating is an overlay. However, this is usually the most difficult and expensive method for concrete floor coverings. Various forms of overlay have different benefits. Self-leveling overlay, typically used to fix damaged or uneven surfaces, makes the surface look more professional. Another form of overlay is a spray-on that helps create a slip-resistant surface. Spray-on coatings are generally easy to clean. 

Then there is the method of epoxy floor paint to consider for coating concrete. The upfront costs of epoxy floor paint may be more than other methods, but they can save money in the long run. Epoxy floor paint coatings last longer than other methods. 

Epoxy floor coatings let you create your own style or design. You can customize your concrete flooring with different colors. Epoxy floor coverings provide the option of adding blended color flakes for a high-end look. As a result, epoxy floor coverings have show-room appeal. 

With five times the thickness of normal paint, Epoxy-Coat offers a lifetime guarantee that makes the investment worthwhile. And epoxy coating saves time, because you don’t have to recoat your flooring repeatedly. Visit our website to customize your concrete floor and improve its look with Epoxy-Coat now! 


It’s exciting to move into a new house! Epoxy floor coatings are an excellent way to increase the return on your investment right away. Concrete epoxy paint can be used on a number of surfaces, such as porches, garages, carports, and basements. While it improves the look of these areas, epoxy floor paint also increases the durability of concrete floors. It’s also an ideal solution to improve your existing home. 

Floors are part of your house that you may not pay too much attention to, unless they need repair. However, homeowners are amazed with the improved look when they apply epoxy coating to floors - not to mention the added bonus of increased durability. When you want to improve the concrete flooring of a new or existing home, check out our Epoxy Floor Coating options! 

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Floor Coverings are Durable

Epoxy concrete floor coatings add a layer of durability and increased resistance to wear and tear to your concrete floors. They’re ideal for old or unfinished concrete floors and save both time and money. And they’re the perfect solution to protect garage floors from hot tire marks and stains. 

Epoxy Floor Covering are Strong

Epoxy floor coverings act as a sealant for concrete floors. Applying epoxy floor paint to concrete increases its strength and prevents chemical breakdown. With an epoxy floor covering, you can rest assured that concrete flooring surfaces can withstand wear and tear and still look great. 

Epoxy Floor Coverings Save Time

Epoxy coatings install quickly, and if you use our self-priming, one-coat products, you save even more time. Check out our product options to learn more! 

Epoxy Coatings are Aesthetically Pleasing

Our epoxy concrete floor paints come in different colors and color blends to give your floors a unique look that will be the envy of your neighbors. 

Epoxy Floor Coatings are Environmentally Friendly

Epoxy floor coatings are environmentally friendly since they extend material usage. They are a greener option than redoing the entire floor from scratch.

Epoxy Floor Coatings Increase Safety 

Epoxy coatings contain anti-skid additives that prevent slippage. Additionally, they are resistant to temperature, impact, and fire.

Epoxy Floor Covering Options Add Brightness 

Epoxy coatings traditionally have a glossy finish which improves the brightness of a  space by reflecting light. 

Why Choose Epoxy-Coat Products?

We offer premium epoxy coatings and kits designed for easy application. Our goal is to provide the best epoxy products in the market at competitive price points. Have some fun and design your flooring with an epoxy coating from our unique options. For more information on our products, visit our website now! 

How to apply to linoleum

by Performance Epoxy

When it comes to putting epoxy on linoleum floors, there are numerous steps to take to maximize quality and efficiency. Many evaluate alternatives when it comes to using epoxy, and whether or not they have to tear up their current floors. If you’re planning on using epoxy on linoleum, you shouldn’t have to do that. As long as the floor is still safely attached to the concrete, you can put the coating over the top of it easily. There are many different tools you can to do prep your floor for adhesion. Here are some ideas that we recommend.

You must always clean the floor before using epoxy. But we think it’s a good idea to examine your floor and make sure it’s in good condition. That way if there are any scratches or damage, you can fix it before starting the entire process. The 2nd step should be to scrub your floors carefully with a high-quality scrub brush and a heavy duty cleaner. This will get rid of any remaining grease or grime that is potentially leftover. After this the surface still could appear glossy, if that’s the case, you should use a wax stripper to remove the final layer of protective wax. The next step would be to sand the floors aggressively, as this will create the ideal, rough profile that all epoxy needs. This will remove any traces of wax or anything affecting the surface for the paint. You should also inspect your flooring to ensure it is bonded well. After that, you can pick out your own unique color, and apply the primer. We recommend applying as many coats as it needs to create a smooth surface for painting linoleum. After that, you can paint the floors using a roller and apply our epoxy coating.

Most people don’t realize how easy it is to do epoxy on linoleum. Paying a professional shouldn’t be necessary, depending on the shape your floors are in. We have laid out a simple, step by step process that anyone can follow effectively. Having the right tools and resources at your disposal is crucial. We are here to help provide all the knowledge and skills you need to use epoxy effectively!

Patio Epoxy Floor Coating

by Performance Epoxy

We can easily protect and improve your patio or walkways with our Patio Epoxy Floor Coating product. Our epoxy coat for patios will look absolutely incredible outside your home. Whether you want to build a beautiful walkway to your house or a lovely patio for a nice afternoon, we can help you accomplish it. All of our choices will last you many years thanks to the amazing durability our Patio Epoxy Floor Coating product has to offer. It is thicker and stronger than any other solution you will find in the industry today.

No matter what you plan on doing on your patio, our products will help them look sharp for many years. We will help give you the best-looking patio and house in the entire neighborhood. We epoxy coat for patios available in many different colors so you can find exactly what matches the exterior of your house. Whether you want that dreamy porch swing set on your patio, or one strong enough to handle chemicals from your pool, we have all the solutions you desire. The most important thing is to clean the surface vigorously before you start the process. Epoxy works best when your surface is completely clean. You also want the surface to be dry when applying the coating, at least, 6 hours. Once you mix part A and B, immediately starting spreading it on the floor, don’t wait. You can use the squeegee to even out the wet epoxy; then you can even it out with the kit roller. It’s best if the process is done in that exact order. Be sure to keep an eye out on the weather, so you don’t start any tasks in the rain if the surface needs to stay dry. All of these materials come with the kits we have to offer. Our non-slip materials will give you a safe, but beautiful looking patio. You can get all of this thanks to our effortless, simple process that is easy for anyone to follow. This do it yourself project can easily be finished in no time. After that, you can show off your brand new patio!

Here at Epoxy-Coat, we are committed to innovating and developing groundbreaking solutions. Our team of experts are constantly coming up with great new ideas and products that we are excited to show you. After you use our epoxy coat for patios, you can get your dream patio.

Estimating Your Floor Size



10 Garage Conversion Ideas to Complete During the Holidays

by Performance Epoxy


If you are pressed for space and looking for a way to improve your home, look no further than your garage. This flexible space can do much more than just hold your car, and sometimes the best thing to do is park by the curb and use your garage in other, more creative ways.

With the holiday season right around the corner, there has never been a better time to do a little home improvement, and the garage is a great place to start. Whether you convert the entire space and kick your cars to the curb or just use part of the garage, you can increase the living area inside your home and even increase its value, all for far less than the cost of a formal room addition.

One of the most important parts of transforming your garage into a more functional space is redesigning the space in a way that will make you want to spend time there. For many people, the first problem they may recognize in their garage is the ugly, bare concrete floor. Installing an epoxy floor coating in your garage serves a number of functions: you maintain the durability of the floor in case you still want to store heavy machinery and cars, the floor coating is easy to clean and resists oil, salt, and abrasions, and you can choose from a wide array of styles to get the perfect look for your space.

Here are 10 amazing garage conversion ideas you can complete before the holiday season is over.

Metallic Epoxy Floor

#1) A Guest Room Worthy of Company

The holidays will be here before you know it, and when they arrive, so will a house full of relatives. If you want to put your in-laws and assorted other relatives up in style, why not transform your humble garage into a stunning guest room?

By the time you are done with the remodeling project, your garage will be all but unrecognizable. Instead of housing an automobile, your new guest room can house your relatives hotel-style, all without the cost or inconvenience of a hotel stay. You can dress up the space any way you like, with plenty of room for a comfy bed, attractive chairs, and even a TV mounted on the wall.

#2) A Home Gym for Your Post-Holiday Workouts

If your New Year’s resolution is to lose those holiday pounds, why not get a head start on your goals by transforming your garage into a home gym? For less than the cost of a full year’s gym membership, you can outfit your former garage with workout benches, a high-quality treadmill, and maybe even one of those souped-up exercise bikes.

Transforming your garage into a workout space can give you a double benefit – you are sure to work up a sweat as you move all those boxes and bring in all that exercise equipment. When you are done, you can sit back and relax, at least until tomorrow’s scheduled workout.

#3) Stop Paying for That Storage Unit

These days people have so much stuff that they rent tiny apartments for their extraneous possessions. These pint-sized apartments, in the form of storage units, are big business, and you may even have one of your own.

If you are tired of spending hundreds of dollars a month just so your stuff can have a home, why not bring those items into the garage and save the dough? Depending on how much stuff you have, you may be able to combine this transformation with some of the others on our list. If not, at least your stuff will have a rent-free home.

#4) A Workshop Worthy of Your Dreams

Black Epoxy Garage FloorIf you are a budding handyman (or woman), you will need a place to pursue your passions and continue your craft. Transforming your existing garage into a workshop or woodshop has many important benefits compared to building a standalone shed in your backyard, starting with the fact that there is already light and electricity in the space.

Even a small garage will have plenty of space for a table saw, lathe, and other woodworking tools, and handy homeowners can even line the walls with pegboard to keep their tools within easy reach. And if you can use your new workshop to make home improvements, the transformation could pay for itself in no time.

#5) Get Away From It All with a Man Cave

You work hard to keep a roof over your family’s head and food on their plates, and sometimes you just need to get away. If retreating to the den or heading down to the basement for some alone time is no longer cutting it, just take a look at the space your car calls home.

A garage can make an exceptional, and exceptionally roomy, man cave, with plenty of room to stretch out, relax, and watch the big game. You can even add a mini-fridge stocked with beer and snacks and invite a few of your man cave-less friends over for the weekend.

#6) Relax and Unwind in Your Own She Shed

The “she shed” is the female equivalent of the man cave, and it too can be accommodated by your current garage. A she-shed can be designed any way you want it, part home spa, part relaxing oasis, and part TV room.

No matter how you design it, you will love your finished “she shed”. Transforming your garage into a space just for you is not selfish – it is a great way to keep peace in the family.

#7) Be More Productive with a Home Office

With so many people now working from home, having a great home office has never been more important. Unfortunately, however, many telecommuters are working from bedrooms, basements, and even closets, and that can hinder their productivity and even put their jobs at risk.

If you want a home office worthy of a Zoom meeting, not to mention a generous tax deduction, look no further than your garage. Just think about how great your new home office will look once all the clutter has been cleared out and your ergonomically designed desk has been installed. In no time at all, you will be the star of the virtual office, all thanks to your garage transformation.

#8) Relax With a Home Sauna or Hot Tub

If you have always wanted a hot tub or sauna but do not relish the walk across your cold back yard, now you can enjoy the best of both worlds. With a few relatively simple upgrades you can transform your humble garage into a place of rest and relaxation, all for less than a stay at a fancy resort.

Even if you have to run an extra water line or upgrade your electrical outlets, you can transform your garage into an amazing home spa, complete with sauna, hot tub, steam shower, or anything else that strikes your fancy. If you are looking for rest and relaxation, you cannot go wrong with this great garage transformation.

#9) A Playroom for Your Kids

Black Epoxy Floor in Game RoomIf your kids are driving you crazy and getting in the way of your at-home workday, why not give them their own separate play space? Transforming your garage into a playroom for the kids is a great idea, especially if you have a house full of little ones.

The beauty of this garage transformation is that it can grow with your kids. You can use chalk to paint hopscotch squares on the garage floor when your kids are young, then bring in makeup tables, video game consoles, and other age-appropriate accessories as they get older.

#10) Give Your Teen Some Growing Space

Having a teenager in the house can be stressful, especially when you are pressed for space. If your teen is grumbling about a lack of room and a dearth of privacy, why not give them their own apartment?

All you need to create that separate living space is an unused garage, and when you are done your teen may be so thankful that they will happily take out the trash. Even if that dream does not come true, you can ask the teenager in your life to help out with the garage transformation, moving boxes, putting away extra items, and dragging their furniture out from the house.

No matter what the size of the home, many families are finding that there is simply not enough space to go around. The needs of a growing family can eat up those extra rooms pretty quickly, and paying for an addition is not always an option, and even if it is that kind of extensive home improvement project could take months to complete and upend your normal family routine.

Epoxy-Coat garage floor

If you are looking for an easier, and much less expensive, way to add space to your home, why not start with the space you already have? Whether you have a one-car garage or a spacious two-car abode, that spare room in the making is just begging for a transformation.

Start your garage conversion project from the ground up with one of our garage epoxy flooring kits. Choose from a variety of styles and formulas to suit your taste, budget, and floor size.

Now that you know how many hats your garage can wear, it is time to get started. Just stand at the precipice of the existing space, close your eyes and picture how wonderful your garage could be. Whether you turn the garage into a tax-deductible home office, a private space for the teenager in the home, or a gym with no membership required, you can turn your sweat equity and vision into exceptional and long-lasting home improvement.

Home Improvement Sweepstakes

by Performance Epoxy

Home Improvement Sweepstakes Graphic

We’re excited to partner with some amazing brands in this Home Improvement Sweepstakes from FindKeep.Love! The winner of this sweepstakes will win our bestselling Better Full Kit (including free shipping) in their choice of base color and flakes. This 19.4 mil kit can cover a 2 car garage or basement floor and includes the base coat, (optional) flakes, a clear top coat, and the necessary installation tools.

In addition, the winner will also receive a $300 gift certificate to, a $300 gift card to Easy Grow Bulbs, a $300 gift card to Denby, a $400 gift card to EyeVac, and a $500 gift certificate to LightsOnline.

The lucky winner will have the chance to upgrade their home, inside and outside with gardening supplies, tableware, water or air filtration, lighting, a touchless vacuum, and our high-performance epoxy floor coating. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or you’ve recently purchased your first home, this is the ultimate home improvement sweepstakes for folks who are looking for a cleaner, brighter, more charming home.

The sweepstakes will run from Friday, August 14 to Sunday, September 6.



No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited. Eligibility and Sweepstakes subject to Official Rules and Consumer Disclosure.

Epoxy Floor Coating

by Performance Epoxy


If you want to improve your industrial manufacturing facility, one way is to work on the flooring of your workplace. As far as the type of floor coating is concerned, experts suggest epoxy floor coating is the best choice. In this article, we are going to talk about why epoxy flooring is a great choice for the manufacturing industry.

An industrial facility has to tolerate a lot of wear and tear, foot traffic, heavy equipment, and other abuses. Using epoxy floor coatings, you can reduce the wear and tear protecting your flooring from a lot of damage. Aside from this, they also improve the look of your floors. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why epoxy floor coatings are the ideal choice, especially for production facilities.


Wear and tear is a common problem for almost all types of production facilities. So, something should be done to reduce this wear and tear to make the flooring stand the test of time.

One benefit of epoxy floor coatings is that they protect your flooring from a lot of damage caused by the routine operations at the workplace. Using solid industrial floor coatings, you can add an additional layer of protection between the machinery and cement. Moreover, this layer of protection offers protection against other elements as well, such as debris, oils, and chemicals. So, epoxy coatings work like a shield that protects your flooring all the time.


If you work with chemicals in your manufacturing facility, your flooring may be exposed to these chemicals on a regular basis. Acids and chemicals can cause significant damage to floors. To protect your floors, epoxy can work wonders. Epoxy offers strong resistance to chemical, which is what you need.


The cleaning and repairing of your flooring are of paramount importance. If you have coated your floors with epoxy coatings, they can be really hard for you to clean. Once you have applied epoxy coats, it will be easier for you to remove stains and keep your flooring neat and clean.


If you are looking for a way to redesign your flooring and make it look great, epoxy floor coatings is the way to go. You can design your floors in any way based on your needs. For instance, epoxy can be used for line striping if you want to make specific areas or want to make some areas to send a particular message.

Apart from this, the fresh look of your flooring will trigger a sense of pride and care in the work environment, which may make your employees more productive. After all, no one wants to work in an ugly-looking place. Clean and beautiful floors matter.

Long story short, if you are thinking of applying epoxy floor coatings, we suggest that you give it a go. Based on the benefits it offers, it’s safe to say that epoxy floor coating is a safe investment. You can apply epoxy coats on your own or hire a professional if your budget allows.


Concrete Floor Coating

Garage Floor Coating

Super Rejection Kits

by Performance Epoxy


Epoxy-Coat kits are all made with the highest quality epoxy coating chemistry available. These kits are the exact formula we sell to approved contractors for use at Ford Motor Company, NASA, US NAVY (Aircraft Carriers and various warships), US Airforce, Chrysler, General Motors just to name a few.

The flake to rejection Premium kits offers a clear top coat with enough flake to broadcast over the base coat to rejection. Once flaked the epoxy base coat will not show through. A completed flake to rejection floor will outperform standard and premium systems due to the fact that adding flake to rejection will increase the thickness to nearly 1/16″ total. This thicker floor will hide most imperfections and will appear monolithic.

Adding this flake is compared to adding aggregate to concrete, which adds added strength against peeling and chipping. Scratching will show much less over time and wearing properties will be greatly increased. This is a perfect system for any concrete/wood/metal surface including outdoor applications. If the US Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier (the largest warship in the world) uses this system from Epoxy-Coat on its decking surfaces you can be assured it will perform well in your garage.



Performance polyurethane is recommended where very high UV resistant is desired with exceptional mar resistance. This is the only product we recommend as a top coat for exterior surfaces exposed to UV. Contact us today for details!