Patio Epoxy Floor Coating

by Performance Epoxy

We can easily protect and improve your patio or walkways with our Patio Epoxy Floor Coating product. Our epoxy coat for patios will look absolutely incredible outside your home. Whether you want to build a beautiful walkway to your house or a lovely patio for a nice afternoon, we can help you accomplish it. All of our choices will last you many years thanks to the amazing durability our Patio Epoxy Floor Coating product has to offer. It is thicker and stronger than any other solution you will find in the industry today.

No matter what you plan on doing on your patio, our products will help them look sharp for many years. We will help give you the best-looking patio and house in the entire neighborhood. We epoxy coat for patios available in many different colors so you can find exactly what matches the exterior of your house. Whether you want that dreamy porch swing set on your patio, or one strong enough to handle chemicals from your pool, we have all the solutions you desire. The most important thing is to clean the surface vigorously before you start the process. Epoxy works best when your surface is completely clean. You also want the surface to be dry when applying the coating, at least, 6 hours. Once you mix part A and B, immediately starting spreading it on the floor, don’t wait. You can use the squeegee to even out the wet epoxy; then you can even it out with the kit roller. It’s best if the process is done in that exact order. Be sure to keep an eye out on the weather, so you don’t start any tasks in the rain if the surface needs to stay dry. All of these materials come with the kits we have to offer. Our non-slip materials will give you a safe, but beautiful looking patio. You can get all of this thanks to our effortless, simple process that is easy for anyone to follow. This do it yourself project can easily be finished in no time. After that, you can show off your brand new patio!

Here at Epoxy-Coat, we are committed to innovating and developing groundbreaking solutions. Our team of experts are constantly coming up with great new ideas and products that we are excited to show you. After you use our epoxy coat for patios, you can get your dream patio.