I was in the process of tearing down my wood deck when I was told about this product. It was easy to install and now my deck looks better than when it was new. No more staining, no more maintenance, plus you saved me thousands of dollars in replacement costs. I highly recommend this for anyone in the same situation.
Once you have this on your deck there's no going back. I love the way it looks and feels. Maintenance is much easier now too. Highly recommend.
I love the thick coating. I have rolled heavy objects over the coating the past several weeks with no problems. I have had several neighbors comment on how amazing my deck now looks. The transformation is amazing. Buy this product!
Great product. Professional results. I recommend studying the instruction manual like studying for an exam. The key is to understand exactly what to do before starting and have a plan because it is a race against time once the resin and hardener are mixed.
Don't Hesitate to Use!
Don't Hesitate to Use! This product is the bomb!!!! Helped us to rectify a terrible floor covering where Rustoleum Polycuramine was used previously on an 800 SF Garage Floor, (terrible product do not use!). After following the preparation instructions for applying to a previously coated floor we mixed up the batch as instructed and applied, I mean it was like night and Read more about This product is the bomb!!!! Helped usday, this product goes on like butter and looks like glass when done, and after adding the flakes it looked even better. I would recommend getting the spiked shoes, this gives you more time and freedom to work with this product and maybe invest in a bigger squeegee than the one provided, (we bought one from Home Depot) but other than that everything else is great. Would definitely use again and recommend.
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