Couldn’t be happier that I chose to use your product! This epoxy paint was everything I hoped it would be and more. The trailer transformation was kicked up a notch with that floor coating.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your work at my home and efforts to get my job done in spite of Pine Knob. We absolutely love the work your crew did! Thank You! I don’t think Gutter Guard could’ve done better
We originally applied the Rust-Oleum product from home depot it was inexpensive and for good reason, it mostly adhered well, just looked awful and wouldn't clean up...
We did alot of research and kept hearing good things about Epoxy-Coat. Was originally gonna buy through Amazon but wanted a heavy flake so I was going to buy extra boxes of flakes. Then I went directly to this website I saw multiple choices 2 which came with a heavier flake option.
We diamond grinded off the old product and blew off all the dust what a mess (LOL).
My wife and I applied epoxy-coat according to instructions was a multi day process and wow we were absolutely blown away I can't imagine a professional doing any better.
Freinds and neighbors saw us working on it and kept checking in to see how it looks (we told them to come back tour window is limited to applying product 45 min) when they kept coming back they were amazed. Two of the neighbors just paid a professional company more than it cost me to do it and was a single coat with light flake which looked like the Rust-Oleum one we originally used since it took only one day...

My only gripe would be I wish they offered a Scraper that can be attached to a stick to scrape down the extra flakes for a smoother surface, fortunately I was able to pick up a nice one at Lowes
I applied Epoxy-Coat to my 3 car garage in 2018 and it has held up really well. I am very impressed. So easy to take care of and wipe clean. Always looks neat and clean. Awesome.
The best epoxy product by far. My only problem is the finished product looks so good my wife thinks I'm some kind of expert. Going on my second basement and third garage with epoxy coat. Customer service will walk you thru everything you need to do.
I want to give a shout out to customer service!! I called because the website said they didn’t deliver to my location…she was so helpful & kind! A breath of fresh air really!! She helped me get my order in, even face-timed me so I could see the color flakes in person!! Amy, you are outstanding - thank you for your help & making my day!!
Great product, love the epoxy. It’s smooth as butter and easy to work with. I have Many and many happy clients while using this product.
First and foremost, let me say that the epoxy products is all they claim it to be. Very durable very sick, and affordable. I don’t buy from anywhere else. Lastly let me say that Amy is an amazing help, she is very knowledgeable, friendly, and she gets the job done and ships the product out right away. She’s definitely an asset to the company
1st off, there Epoxy rocks !!! Very easy to work with and smooth as butter. Pulls beautifully while applying. Shipping is fast, products are shipped safely, and customer service is great. I always speak with Amy, she is top notch !! I own a epoxy flooring coming in Idaho and I’d highly recommend this product !! Best I’ve used. And builds a very thick strong floor.
Really awesome please to learn so many techniques. All the staff and Amy are really honest and cool people . Definitely will try to come back. I hope in the near future they can do a workshop Thursday to Sunday,that way I can’t skip work that much :)
Thank you!
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