Contains colors: cream gladiola latte white *Price per lb. *Availability per lb.
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Minimum quantity for "Candy Corn Flakes" is 10.

Contains colors: black gladiola white *Price per lb. *Availability per lb.
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Minimum quantity for "Halloween Flakes" is 10.

Contains colors: black cream latte *Price per lb. *Availability per lb.

Minimum quantity for "Chocolate Chip Flakes" is 10.

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Contains colors: black cream hunter green *Price per lb. *Availability per lb.
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Minimum quantity for "Forest Camo Flakes" is 10.

Performance Poly 200 is a UV stable, abrasion resistant single component top coat that outperforms polyurethane. No mixing necessary and it can be applied...

Epoxy-Coat Primer is recommended on contaminated and/or porous concrete floors. A primer coat will not bond any better than the epoxy kit will bond, but it...

This single component clear acrylic floor finish is a 20% solids, exceptionally durable acrylic-copolymer finish designed for minimal maintenance with a...

The UV additive is designed to assist in delaying the process of yellowing/fading of the epoxy that's exposed to sun, and UV lighting. UV additive will...