Videos - Performance Epoxy Coat

Our installation instructions video includes everything you need to know for completing your next epoxy flooring project. We give you invaluable advice on how to complete an epoxy floor that will last for years to come. We also discuss what tools and supplies you will need to complete this type of DIY project. We are confident once you watch our video, you’ll be able to successfully complete your own project. 

Whether it’s your first epoxy flooring project or your fifth we want you to be successful. We are happy to answer questions during the installation process. If you have additional questions about application or preparing your concrete floor please see our FAQ page or reach out via our support page for more information. We also have additional installation videos made by some of our customers. 

At Epoxy Coat, we are proud of all the features that come with our epoxy floor coating kits. No matter what surface you attempt to coat, we have a kit for you. We have convenient videos made by customers who tried their hand in coating their own floor. These videos will show you how beautiful your epoxy floor can turn out to be. Watch these videos and see how easy it is to coat a concrete floor or any other type of floor for that matter. You will quickly see how great our easy-to-apply epoxy is. To see more photos and videos of finished Epoxy-Coat floors, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages!